Jul 25

Single tube vs dual tube, quality vs quantity


I've been thinking about this for a while.


I've been doing the night vision thing for a couple of years now and have had monos and binos in my ownership off and on, trying different things, building 14s, etc...


If one were to give advice to a NV newbie, would it make more sense to get a high quality mono, like an L3 unfilmed 14, or get a used bino with older (but clean), say OMNI V tubes, for the same money?


To me, I think the binos would be the way to go, when I bridged my 14s I was really shocked by how much better my brain handled the matching data coming into my eyes.


What's the group here think?

I would pick the bino over the single -14 in a heartbeat. I’m almost 100% positive everyone who’s had both would agree. Did you find a used bino rig?

Aug 11

My frankenstein project ended up falling apart. So, I picked up a BNVD with gen-2 tubes, and swapped the tubes with two of my older Gen-3 tubes. I'm happy with the results.

Right on. Which BNVD did you get? A Night Vision Devices or something different?

Aug 11

@Nitewalker It's the Armasight branded one. Single gain, flippy bois with IPD adjustments. I only got the standard 40 degree lenses, I couldn't bring myself to splurge on the 51 degree lenses based on the user reviews.

Cool! You’re the 1st person I know that has them. You should do a you tube video on them. There’s nothing out there about them except one video that Tactical Rifleman did but he’s a FLIR partner I believe

Aug 11

Sure. I can do that. Might be next weekend. At least a table top review to start with.

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  • https://youtu.be/mx828fIO3MA Let me know what you think.
  • Meesage of photonis ®️laboratory in Nederland. Hereby a short exlanation of our references: XW:        White phosphor tube XX:        Green phosphor tube 30:        4G (performance level) 40:        inverted tube 50:        non-inverted tube Letter(s):        no meaning ==> just follow up for last created tube type. I hope above info will suite you.
  • We just uploaded a review video about L3 filmless white phosphor and compared to the other devices we've had - PVS-14 with 11769 Photonis Echo 4G white phosphor and BNVD-SG with 11769 ITT/Harris Pinnacle HP+ green phosphor tubes. I've been debating for the last 1-2 years to purchase a device with one of these tubes in it. The cost versus performance I wasn't convinced was worth it and I'd not used a device with these tubes in it. After getting the Photonis WP, the wifey and I both really fell in love with the different phosphor color. That paved the way to start selling off some of our gear to go towards funding the L3. I was slightly nervous of the results. After getting and using the first PVS-14 from N-Vision Optics with the zone 3 blemish L3 filmless WP tube I was immediately astonished in it's performance. Honestly, I was pissed at myself for not doing this sooner. The clarity is excellent and far better than the pinnacles. In brighter conditions the Photonis was very similar to the L3 although the phosphor color is slightly darker blue. All three of these different makes of image intensifiers do their job very, very well. L3 filmless is much more expensive and definitely worth it if it's within your budget. It's not going to do anything astronomically better than the others in terms of letting you see in the dark but it definitely does it better.

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