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Why the NVD-BNVD-SG?

Dual PVS-14's

We've been running PVS-14's since we got bit by the Night Vision bug single and dual mounted. This is the best way to start out and get your feet wet with Gen 3. Combine the 14's as duals, split them up as monos, etc. Once you know this is your gig, it's easier to drop more cash on true binos ("goggles").

Question is

Which one is the right one to get? Dual 14's are great, however, we discovered we practically never split them up. If you do the math, for a little more cost than two PVS-14's, you can get a true binocular system.

The Answer is

The Night Vision Devices BNVD-SG. Highly durable yet lightweight binocular goggle system with single gain control (which is huge) and a 10 YEAR WARRANTY if purchased through Night Vision Devices or one of their dealers.

Go to our video page or You Tube channel to see it!

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