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Nitewalker Update

As someone who creates night vision content which may influence people's buying decisions, it is very important that I am fully transparent with you. I have been producing content as a 100% neutral person who is not affiliated with or employed in the night vision industry - until now.

As of yesterday, January 15th, 2021, I am a TNVC Inside Sales and Product Management Associate. I will also be active on the night vision sub forum under the username TNVC_Will.

All of my content to date was made before I had any affiliations or employment in the industry. I will continue producing content through Nitewalker in the same unbiased manner as I have been. I am excited at the opportunity to be able to create even more content showing you more products than before.

In all of my dealings with everyone at TNVC I have been nothing but extremely impressed with their knowledge, passion, and dedication to their customers and the night vision community. Providing education is their #1 priority and it has always been mine as well. They live, eat, and breathe this stuff, and are top class. I’m very honored to be invited to work among these individuals.

If you haven't signed up for vSHOTT or know what it is, I encourage you to visit the TNVC webpage.

There will be some amazing announcements you won’t want to miss.

The best part - it's free!

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