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The most important thing I've learned since joining the night vision industry

First, I want to say a huge thank you to all of the You Tube subscribers (old and new) and all of the folks who watch the videos. I sincerely appreciate all of the views, likes, and positive comments. Unfortunately, I've picked up some haters since joining TNVC but that was to be expected. To those guys who don't even watch the videos yet give it a thumbs down as soon as it pops up on their feed (hell, they're probably subscribed) - karma is a real thing (Matthew 7:12).

I've talked to quite a number of you on the phone when you've called TNVC and it was great to be able to talk with you guys. I am genuinely thankful for your support of the You Tube channel and your support for TNVC. It's an awesome company and everybody there lives and breathes this stuff just like you and I from the top down. You don't find that at most places. I'm not pitching TNVC. I'm just telling it how it is.

What is the most important thing I've learned?


I talk to A LOT of people. All of us at TNVC are on the phones non-stop. People range from Joe 6-Pack to Joe Tip-of-the-Spear. The people I usually spend the most amount of time with did not buy from us but are calling us for help.

It is rewarding to help someone out but it is also extremely frustrating. The most frustrating thing is that if they had come to us originally or to another reputable night vision specialist they would not be in their current situation. Most realize this, however, many of them will hang up the phone, and use the information they just learned during our 45 minute conversation to buy what they need somewhere else because it's $5.00 cheaper.

I implore you, no, I BEG YOU, support companies that provide A-Z level of support who are specialists in what they do and who will be there for you when you need help. And this goes for everything and not just night vision.

But the most frustrating thing is when I talk to people and in particular Law Enforcement Officers who have spoken to other night vision sellers and were told blatantly false information in an attempt to get their sale. I've talked to God knows how many people who needed a solution we didn't offer and I went as far as to tell them where to go find it. The owner of TNVC stresses that we educate first and foremost even if the customer did not or does not buy from TNVC.

The #1 lie I come across is always something related to "un-filmed tubes don't last as long as filmed tubes". This is 100% false. Whoever says this is either ignorant or lying.

We sell a lot of both filmed & un-filmed tubes and the decision to go filmed vs un-filmed always comes down to cost as it should. And there's nothing wrong with that. Buy what you can afford. Filmed tubes perform excellent but un-filmed tubes have superior performance most notably in low light conditions. This is reality and is either important to you or it's not. For some it's imperative.

If you're talking to a seller who is more interested in taking your money versus giving you information well that's called a clue ;)

Picture from TNVC Night Fighter 101 Boulder City, NV

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