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Be A Responsible American!

As another July 4th goes by I couldn't help but think that this celebration of Independence Day of 2018 may be one of our most significant.

It's been a long time since America has had a President with some balls.

Indeed, love him or hate him, President Trump is showing the world the spirit that represents for many of us what the 4th of July is all about. We are a free and independent country that will not be dictated to by any nation. The United States of America and Americans (citizens of all races who IDENTIFY as being AMERICAN and love their country) has more enemies now than ever before.

It is extremely important for those of us who own night vision devices to act responsibly if/when we decide to sell or trade our equipment. Do not aid our enemies by indirectly supplying them with devices which may place our Military or Law Enforcement in danger.

Anyone who owns night vision better know and understand ITAR. If you don't, fucking Google it right now and get learned. Even without the threat of violating ITAR, do you really want assholes who want to do the USA and Americans harm to get their dirty hands on US military grade night vision devices!? Make would-be buyers sign an ITAR statement. Ask for a CCW copy. Make sure their info matches. Google Earth the shipping address to make sure it's not bullshit. If they are legit they should have no problem whatsoever doing so.

If you get a weird feeling from your buyer or if you're doing a trade, I’d even go so far to suggest checking someone’s publicly available social media. As evident in the news cycle, there are Americans, citizens nonetheless, who wish to destroy or destabilize our country. Don’t help them.

If private party night vision sellers and buyers do the right thing by vetting each other, we’ll do our part to keep this technology out of the wrong hands.

Ultimately it's up to you to decide. Just be a responsible American.

Happy Independence Day and God Bless The United States of America.

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