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UPDATE! FLIR Breach & PVS-14 - it works!

I was able to finally get the Breach and -14 to work together pretty well. At least for me, the trick is getting both devices as close to center as possible.

How I did it:

1. I used the KVC bridge with OSS set and K clips.

2. PVS-14 was on my dominant eye which is my right.

2. I used the right eye K-clip. It's the one that offsets the dovetail to the right of the MUM rail. I used the MUM rail that puts the buttons facing inward towards the PVS-14. It puts the screen in portrait layout.

3. I used the right eye OSS shoe because the -14 is on my right eye. The key is having the battery compartment facing outwards so you can get the PVS-14 closer to the Breach. The IPD maxed out inwards.

4. Using the mount, I brought both devices as close to my eyes as I could.

5. I used outdoor alert and black hot modes. Surprisingly, sepia didn't work as well, even with an amber filter. I set the Breach brightness to lowest setting.

I still had some double vision but it was minor and nowhere near as bad as before. I was able to get the best overlay I've had yet at infinity focus distances. It is the closest thing to fusion and works awesome!

If you have the same setup and experienced the same problems give this a try. Here's what it looks like:

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