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Photonis Echo WP vs Average Spec Gen 3 Thin Filmed GP

This is older footage I posted somewhere else last year. The gen 3 tube used in these videos is a different tube that is more average spec than the one I used in the other videos. The main specs are listed in the video.

The main takeaway is that a Photonis Echo WP with very good specs is very comparable to average spec gen 3 GP. The Echo is slightly dimmer but even in low light the differences are not drastic.

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01 de jul. de 2020

Hi Alex,

Thanks for being a subscriber! I've done three of them (including this video). If you haven't seen the other two:

Unfortunately, I no longer have the Echo so that will be it unless I acquire another down the road. This latest video used previous footage.

I also post content on Instagram @nitewalker_nightvision


I follow you on youtube. I found your website doing some googling about some specs and tube types. Love the content. Can you do more videos like this from time to time and show us comparisons between thin, echos and filmless? I find them really helpful and it helps me deal with my night vision sensitivities as my tube specs are similar.

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