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We live in dangerous times. If you're paying attention to the constant barrage of news stories making headlines, they should be reminding you or demonstrating to you, how fragile our civilized 1st World society really is. Threats of widespread war, civil unrest, natural disasters, solar flares, terrorism, cyber attacks, etc., are real and actual concerns not to be taken lightly. Remove the binds that keep our society functioning and it will fall apart. Desperate people do desperate things.

The enormity of truly being prepared can be too much for many to mentally tackle. What most people don't take into account are their personal security needs. It goes beyond having guns & ammo. Whether bugging-in or bugging-out one of the most important things is to be stealthy. You don't want the bad people to find you. It's better to find them first. This allows you to prepare against them, hide or detour, or to attack/ambush if no other option remains. Night vision is a critical component to maintain stealth. It gives you tactical superiority.  

If you're serious about preparedness you need to have night vision. Period.

Nothing less then a Gen 3 PVS-14 or PVS-7 that use AA batteries. AA's are easy to stockpile, are found everywhere, and the battery life of these devices are 30+ hours of continuous use. The slightest visible light in the dark beams like a lighthouse under Gen 3. Use it to see any escaping light from your hide site. If you can't see light escaping using Gen 3 you can be completely confident you're fully blacked out.

Scanning ahead you'll be able to see campfires, head lamps, vehicles, or any visible light in the distance making it safer for you if bugging out on foot. Use Gen 3 to drive lights off at night with your tail lamps and interior light bulbs removed. It's much safer to move at night. You'll have a major advantage.

We won't tell you how to become prepared. You must figure out your own needs. Endless sources exist. This post is to tell you that Gen 3 will significantly improve your chances of survival in any of these situations.


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