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New ENTHUSIAST ONLY Night Vision Forum!

That's right. We added a forum to the website. You get to it at the top of the website. Unlike other forums, this one is free from vendors and advertisers. It's for night vision enthusiasts only! Like any forum you have to sign up. It's super easy. Click on log in to get started.

This website is 100% prepaid by us privately. We're not in the website or forum business. We're night vision enthusiasts who want somewhere to talk to other enthusiasts without a representative from a business interjecting their $0.02. This forum isn't and won't be influenced by paying sponsors with a vested interest to sell you things.

This experiment may or may not go anywhere and we're okay with however it turns out. If you want a forum where you can talk freely with other enthusiasts without a 3rd party interjecting with "call us", "buy from us", or having your post deleted because it pissed off a vendor, well here's your chance to help create that kind of forum.

We're not night vision experts who know all things night vision. We know what we know from experience using the things we've used. We genuinely appreciate learning from other enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge. I believe there are a lot of like minded enthusiasts who enjoy passing on their knowledge of night vision devices, equipment, experiences, and more to others.

If you like this and want to participate, please sign up, post, and invite others do to the same. Let us know if you have categories you'd like to see added or any feedback to make it better. 


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