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Overview of Dual PVS-14 Bridge Mounts

I'm a huge fan of running dual PVS-14's. We've been using bridge mounts for about 5 years now in addition to a true binocular device, the NVD-BNVD-SG. Duals give you more options since you have two fully functioning devices. If the time comes to sell one or both to fund another device, they are much easier to sell individually than one binocular device.

We started with the NVD dual headmount adapter which has been discontinued. We've been using the Integrated Components D-14 Gen 1 from Mod Armory for a few years now and recently purchased the TNVC NPBM non-powered bridge mount.

I felt it was time to do a video showing the best affordable dual bridges. Affordable being under $800.00. All of these mounts are under $800.00. A big thank you to Mod Armory and TNVC for supplying the mounts for this video - Asgard Defense Systems Dual Monocular Bridge (TNVC), Integrated Components D-14 Gen 2 (Mod Armory), Integrated Components D-14 Light Weight (Mod Armory), and PBM Powered Bridge Mount (TNVC).

Enjoy the video!

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