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Integrated Components PYRM Dovetail

If you're looking for a dovetail mount that won't break the bank then Integrated Components has a solution for you! PRYM stands for Pimp Your Rhino Mount and you can get all of the details on Mod Armory's website. You can send in your Rhino or Rhino II which they'll "pimp" out or you can buy just the dovetail, which is what I did.

I had a Rhino II that was just sitting in a drawer and when I saw that they were offering the dovetail by itself I decided to buy one and try it out. It's an easy conversion. You just have to take out a roll pin so you can slide off the bayonet adapter and slide the new dovetail on. They give you a new roll pin in case you mangle the shit out of it which is exactly what I did so was very thankful it came with it.

The Rhino II is lighter than other dovetail mounts and it works well for running dual PVS-14s. There's some interference with the D-14 I'm using it with (the left side PVS-14 QD dovetail makes contact) but the D-14 Light Weight should clear. The release tab is protected by the Rhino/II mount and it has a set screw so you can tighten up the fit if you have a sloppy dovetail interface.

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