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Review of the FLIR PTS233

I've had the FLIR PTS233 for a little over three months. I've been using it nightly and on the weekends and decided to finally get this video done. It's not a comprehensive video that goes into a ton of details. I picked this up after selling my Pulsar Trail XQ38 which I had to do to help fund the L3 filmless PVS-14s I got from N-Vision Optics.

It's a great thermal for the price range and meets all of my needs as a handheld scanner and scope under 200 yards. I like the extra color palettes besides black hot/white hot. In particular outdoor alert and arctic work great. Being able to use either 123 batteries or external battery is a big double thumbs up. I can say the mount returns to zero. I use it handheld mostly and every time I've put it back on the gun I zeroed it on, I can get head shots at the same distance I zeroed it at. I've not had one single problem with it.

The only things it lacks that I'd prefer are a focusable lens and microphone for recording sound. The lack of focus isn't terrible as it's one less thing you have to worry about but viewing animals past 50 yards or so the image gets a little fuzzy.

You can buy these from a lot of different places. I bought mine from Robert Henry at JRH Enterprises. I highly recommend Robert. He's a no nonsense stand up guy and gets new shipments, which I preferred, knowing it'd be a new unit direct from FLIR and not old stock that was sitting on a shelf like what can happen with big internet warehouses.

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